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Monday, August 04, 2003

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Saturday, July 26, 2003
My name is Taher. I live in Alain. I like playing football. I don't like noise and music. I want to improve my English. I 'm a student .I want to be a doctor. In the weekend, I go to the mall . I enjoy my free time. I see my friend and beautiful girls.

In the weekend I go with my family to the Mall for shopping.
Today am learning english in the PI. I enjoy my time because the school year about to is end.
My best friend is SAEED KRAMAH (ABO AS COOR).
HI.......................I m BIN ZAHAR.

I do many sports such as BASKET BALL and CAMEL RACING,I think when Isee camel racing I remeber my father and grand father how are live. I like the desert because its Beautiful
I live in alyahar. Its a small city. But its a nice city

The city's magnificent resort style hotels can rival the best anywhere. There is shopping to suit every demand. Gold, electronics, oriental carpets and gifts can be purchased at very low price.

Visit ALYAHAR for an experience to remember.

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